It may seem odd, but your inner resistance can improve your growth. As you work to build a more peaceful and positive mindset, you can cultivate your natural resistance to change and negativity as a valuable asset. At I Am One Mind, we know the importance of cultivating your spirituality and improving your life, which is why we’re always updating our blog with tips.

Today, we’ll discuss how your inner resistance is a key part of your spirituality.

What Is Inner Resistance?

From a survival standpoint, your inner resistance is a beneficial part of your psychology. You will often feel resistance when faced with difficult or painful situations. However, your spirituality suffers from this hesitancy. To cultivate a positive mind, you must be open to all possibilities, even those that might harm you.

Some common examples of scenarios that provoke your inner resistance are:

  • Career changes
  • Dangerous activities
  • Large changes
  • Romantic breakups

Notice how these situations require a great deal of personal investment and risk. Those inherent barriers provoke inner resistance and hinder your ability to grow as a person. In some cases, the negative feelings surrounding these choices may even harm your meditation and spiritual well-being.

What Can You Do With Your Inner Resistance?

Fortunately, there are ways to cultivate your inner resistance as a positive part of your life. It is impossible to eliminate it — resistance is part of human nature — but it can be tamed.

There are three primary ways to address your inner resistance: acknowledgment, acceptance, and challenge.

Acknowledging Your Inner Resistance

The first step of any journey is acknowledgment. You must recognize your fears and misgivings before you can evolve as a person. Many find that meditation helps.

When you are acknowledging your inner resistance, take everything into consideration. Spend time thinking about why you feel resistant to change and what may come of your decisions. In many cases, inner resistance first appears as procrastination. During a regular meditation session, consider the tasks you’ve been putting off and think about why you’re delaying these decisions.

In some situations, this may be your only step. Some problems are more complex than others, and you may find that you have little say in the matter. However, the act of recognizing your inner critic is a crucial stepping stone to achieving inner peace.

Many that exploring the possibilities in their mind provides concrete benefits. Imagining what could happen once you’ve made a decision encourages action, and embracing your fears can help your mind understand the problems it may face in the future.

Accepting Your Inner Resistance

If you find that you cannot control the outcome, it is often helpful to allow the resistance to exist within your spirit. Attempting to fight an unavoidable event or reject your natural feelings leads to inner conflict, which will harm your carefully cultivated spirituality. Instead, embrace your inner resistance and allow it to guide you.

Some people use their resistance as a pathfinder. When they feel concerned or worried, they consult their inner fears and ask themselves what may come from a decision. This cautious lifestyle is neither good nor bad; it’s part of nature. You may even find that your inner resistance helps you avoid dangerous situations, poor choices, and impulsive decisions.

If you can change the outcome of a situation with your actions, allowing yourself to coexist with your resistance can also provide clarity. Try to balance your resistance with a bit of reasoning. There are plenty of reasons to fear momentous change, but there are also benefits. Remind yourself of the positive outcomes to reassure yourself before making a decision and balance out any uncertainty.

Challenging Your Inner Resistance

Finally, you can choose to challenge your inner resistance.

As with acceptance, rejection is neither good nor bad. Sometimes, you must understand that your mind’s natural fear of change is illogical or unreasonable.

When challenging your inner resistance, give yourself plenty of time and space to grieve and reflect upon your decisions. Sometimes, things may not work out as you planned. Even when everything is fine, you may feel as though you made the wrong decision. These feelings are natural, and you should embrace them during your meditation sessions.

Many find that curiosity is the key motivating factor in their rejection of inner fear. Having considered every outcome, these individuals understand the risks and know that they will be gaining benefits from their choices. This understanding helps people cope with their choices and reassure their inner critic.

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