The Base Chakra 

Traditionally known as Muladhara, the base (or root) chakra is found at the base of the spine. It's responsible for regulating and controlling our other chakras. If you wish to cultivate a healthy mind and body, then you’ll want to learn about and maintain the energy of this vital power point.

What is the Root Chakra?

There are seven chakras in our bodies. According to Hindu tradition, these seven powerful spots are responsible for regulating and charging our energy. In addition to improving our spirituality, healthy chakras promote better mental health, improved wellbeing, health, and even how we perceive our reality.

At the core of this theory is the humble root chakra. In Sanskrit, its name, Muladhara, means “root support.” Fittingly, it serves as the foundation for all of our other chakras. Depending on who you ask, the root chakra may also be associated with the adrenal glands and pelvic region. 

What Does a Healthy Root Chakra Do?

Maintaining a healthy root chakra provides a healthy basis upon which your other chakras may thrive. However, that’s not the only benefit. When you cultivate your root chakra, you also improve your overall state of mind. Balanced root chakras are commonly linked to positive effects such as:

  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Sensations of being grounded and present
  • Improved self-care
  • Feelings of happiness and improved mood
  • Boosted feelings of connection and friendship

Is My Root Chakra Unbalanced?

Just as a balanced root chakra promotes wellbeing, an off-kilter root chakra causes negative side effects. If you find yourself relating to these symptoms, you may need to work on your root chakra.

Signs of an unhealthy root chakra include:

  • Feelings of sadness, depression, anger, and loneliness
  • Sensations of fear, anxiety, and unease
  • Erratic or illogical behavior
  • Difficulty sleeping or staying awake
  • Lack of energy
  • Constipation
  • Frequent infections

How To Rebalance Your Root Chakra

If you find yourself suffering from the symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra, then it’s time to take action! Nurturing your root chakra is a surprisingly easy process, and there are multiple ways to improve your energy’s natural balance.


One of the most traditional ways to improve your natural balance is yoga. While the main goal of yoga is to improve your chakras, this ancient art form also promotes physical health, but you shouldn’t do it alone! With its many poses and stretches, yoga has the potential to cause painful injuries if practiced improperly. For the best results, seek out a certified teacher!


Another traditional route for polishing your root chakra is meditation. There are many ways to meditate, and your meditation won’t be the same as anyone else’s. That’s part of the beauty of it! Find a quiet, comfy spot and immerse yourself in your mind. Some quality meditation can go a long way, and regular practitioners of meditation report improved sleep patterns, mood, and bodily health.

Switch Up Your Diet

Your body impacts your chakras as much as your mind. If you’re feeling stressed, sluggish, and tired, you may want to consider switching up your diet. Be more careful about what you eat. Reducing meat and grain intake are noted to be great ways to improve your root chakra. Of course, you should consult with your doctor or nutritionist before taking this step.

Engage with Nature

There’s nothing like being outdoors!

Your root chakra benefits from the natural energy of nature and its beauty. When the weather is nice, consider going outside! Taking a walk in nature is a proven way to reduce stress and improve your mood.

You don’t need to hike into the middle of the forest to reap nature’s benefits. Enjoying a small park or even adding some greenery to your home has the same effects. When you’re enjoying nature, feel free to connect with the people around you! Enjoy the experience of being one with your community and embracing the natural beauty of our world.


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